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Dutch Medicare halts coverage
for male circumcision
Up  to  90  per cent  of  circumcisions
are  carried  out for  religious, rather
than  health  reasons.
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Medicaid stops funding circumcision in Missouri

In August 2002 Missouri Medicaid stopped paying for
circumcisions since there are no valid medical reasons for
routinely circumcising male infants.
Originally viewed as a treatment to curb masturbation

No national medical group recommends routine circumcision

Complications can and do occur
American Academy of Pediatrics
In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), after an
exhaustive review of more than 40 years of research data on
the potential benefits of circumcision, issued a policy
statement concluding that the data was not sufficient to
recommend routine neonatal circumcision.   The AAP first
adopted this policy in 1971 with their first position statement on
circumcision declaring, “There are no valid medical indications
for circumcision in the neonatal period.”     
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Medicaid no longer funds circumcision in these states:

Arizona, California, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,
North Dakota, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah,
Washington, Maine & Idaho.
Does Circumcision Remove The Most Sensitive Parts Of      
The Penis?
 The long-term-health impact of neo-natal circumcision has received little
study while the consequences of circumcision on sexual function in the adult male have
received even less attention...
10 Reasons NOT to Circumcise Your Baby Boy- Circumcision is a
painful, risky, unethical surgery that deprives over a million boys each year of healthy,
functional tissue.....
Male circumcision overstated as prevention tool against AIDS
In new academic research published today in the online, open-access, peer-reviewed
scientific journal PLoS ONE, male circumcision is found to be much less important as a
deterrent to the global AIDS pandemic than previously thought. The author, John R.
Talbott, has conducted statistical empirical research across 77 countries of the world and
has uncovered some surprising results...
Gimme Some Skin - Find a 3x5 index card. One side, 15 square inches, equals
the average surface area of a man's foreskin, about half of the total surface area of his...
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Infant Circumcision: "What I Wish I Had Known" - nothing could have
prepared me, for this experience. To see a part of this baby's penis being cut off - without an
anesthetic - was devastating. But even more shocking was...
Circumcision by Miami doctor causes Lifetime Damages to
Infant's penis
- A husband and wife are suing their Miami doctor over a botched
circumcision that left their infant son with a "unsightly and permanently scarred" penis....

   This is not rare - most due not make the news.
Cut Circumcision Out of Bris Ritual  - “I had the perception that a
circumcision was just an innocuous procedure, with no risk,”  After conducting his
research, Wolfe decided to forgo circumcising his son. Instead, he arranged a so-called
Brit shalom ceremony, a newly created ritual that celebrates birth while omitting
Dr. Schoenfeld & Midwest Urology Center in Joplin, MO.  
Parents are encouraged to read as much as possible about circumcision.     
They should make themselves aware of the complexities of the circumcision
procedure itself. Speak to your doctor about the procedure and if possible ask to
observe a circumcision at your local hospital..
Circumcision is based upon fear
  • Fear that the penis will not be clean with a foreskin - soap can clean all body parts
  • Fear that a foreskin will cause a UTI - this happens to girls all the time and is treated successfully with antibiotics.
  • Fear that the boy will be made fun of - actually other boys may resent their circumcision when they find out part of
    their penis was cut off.
  • Fear that the boy will compare his penis to his father's and ask questions - fathers and sons don't compare
  • Fear that a foreskin will cause an STD - these are caused by who you sleep with and not the foreskin
American Academy of Pediatrics
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